Hosanoja reindeer farm

Hosanoja reindeer farm is a small family-owned establishment in Kinisjärvi, Kittilä. Reindeer have a unique cycle of the year, which sets the pace for our family. Reindeer herding is a glimpse to the ancient lifestyle in Lapland, a traditional livelihood as old as time. Come and meet our family and reindeer!

Our business activities started in 2013 when we finished a meat cutting plant at our farm. Since then we’ve produced delicious reindeer meat for our clients. Our meat quality is high standard and we are making it as we would for ourselves.

In 2021 we expanded our meat cutting plant with a further processing plant. Since then we are also offering smoking etc. for other meat producers. You may bring your own meat here and get them back as various delicacies!

You can check our latest news on Facebook and Instagram. Captions are only in Finnish for now, but the photos show it all!

Visit the Farm

Our reindeer roam freely in the summer while in the winter months they stay in a folding at our farm. From mid-November until early April you may visit the reindeer at our farm! For a couple of hours you will participate in the feeding of the reindeer. During your visit we will tell you all about our livelihood, reindeer and their cycle of the year. The visit includes a little snack by a fire.

Please contact us before your visit, the reindeer are fed once a day.

Prices: 60,00 EUR for adults, 50,00 EUR for children.

Get a glimpse of the reindeer farm visit from the pictures below!

Our Products

Whole Reindeer

Cut boneless and vacuum sealed. Whole carcass or a half. Calf 20-30 kg, adult 30-40 kg. Cut options:

  • roast: whole, cubed or sauté-strips
  • blade: whole or cut 
  • ribs: stock bones, minced or sauté-strips
  • neck: minced
  • backbone: fillets without silverskin or steaks with the bone
  • shanks: slices or minced

Raw Meat

  • pre-cut sauté-strips
  • sauté-strips from ribs
  • rib roll
  • fillet
  • roast
  • blade
  • stock bones
  • minced
  • shank slices (Osso Buco)
  • heart
  • liver

For Dogs

  • meat fat powder
  • reindeer tail, 5 pcs per set
  • reindeer bones

Other Products

  • tanned reindeer hide


  • cold smoked roast
  • hot smoked roast
  • reindeer sausages, 4 pcs per vacuum sealed set
  • reindeer mettwurst
  • cold or hot smoked lunch meat
  • reindeer jerky
  • Balkan sausage
  • reindeer kebab

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